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Ariel Freiberg exhibits with Miller Yezerski Gallery. Gallery Website

Ariel is representated by Harmon Gallery in Wellfleet, MA. Gallery Website

Current Exhibitions
Solo show, "Unquenchable Thirst" at Boston University's Sherman Gallery Sept. 11th - Oct. 25rd. Public Artist Talk Oct. 13th 6pm - 7pm.

Feelers, juried by Susan Metrican at the Boston Center for the Arts at the Mills Gallery. On view October 9 to Dec. 20th

1.VisitingFaculty, group show Strauss Gallery, Dartmouth College on view sept. 22 - nov. 22

Recent exhibitions
In-Sight, Group show, Lunder Center for the Arts, 2015 Juried by Randi Hopkins

58th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Juried by Hrag Vartanian, Founder and Editor in Chief of
"Chora" Two person Show at Forth Point Art Center Gallery. 300 Summer St. Boston, MA. January 8th to February 19th 2015
"Earth's Touch" at Frame 301 Gallery at Montserrat College of Art. Earth's Touch is a one-person exhibition for the window front gallery space. November 12th to December 17th 2014.

"Earth's Touch", a 15 foot length size painting, is cataclysm pollinated with a romantic vignetted face. The face could be from a billboard, a fashion advertisement, or an 18th century portrait painting. The passage with the face looks like ripped paper, employed by "urban trickery" or trompe l'oeil. The ground, or substrate space of the canvas, is a stark contrast to the delicately painted face. The open space of the painting is stained and aggressively treated, as to reference earthiness and decay.
Upcoming Events
Opai, Gallery 5 at Emmanuel College, Nov. 9th to Dec. 14th

Recent Events
ARTnew review in October 2013 issue of "Blazoning Arms" at Miller Yezerski. Click Here to read Ariel's review in ARTnews.

Solo show, "Blazoning Arms" at Miller Yezerski Gallery in Boston's South End. On view from June 7 - July 9 2013.

"The Country Between Us" at the New Art Center, Newton. Curated by Ariel Freiberg for Nov. & Dec. of 2013. Including artists: Resa Blatman, Ariel Freiberg, Susan Scott, and Zsuzanna Varga Szegedi. Click here for more details

"Art of the Erotic" with writer Steve Almond and paintings by Ariel Freiberg at Soprafina Gallery, Boston. Reading April 25th at 6pm.

"Second Language" at Oresman Gallery, Smith College. Solo show of recent works. On View April 4th – April 30th

My paintings explore narrative and literary based female-centric mythologies. These paintings, of large and small scale, synthesize my personal life with contemporary and historical iconography. I am constantly looking and reading to find deeper connections between my personal perspective and the perspective of the world at large. Some of my work explores the psychology of contemporary human interaction, such as mirror neurons and female chauvinism. The characters in my paintings are in transition, both sexually and environmentally.

These characters are not "made up"; they are found through a process of drawing, printing and observation. Their shapes and personae interact with the environment of each painting and evolve throughout their creation.

Part of the process of my art is to invite the viewer into a visual and conceptual dialogue with the narrative of my personal experiences and observations. Many of my works explore the mystery of excess, consumption, and sexual fulfillment. In Big Dream, a girl is balancing on the whirling pyramid of shoes, confident in her stance, but skeptical as to how this moment will last. In the frenzy of consumption and sexual fulfillment, the illusion of attaining the dream becomes real, even if just for a moment.

It works such as Errancy I deconstruct idealized images from advertisements and fashion magazines and reassemble the images to create a new narrative. Sometimes I will build arrangements with found objects, such as shoes and gardening tools and pair them with the torn papers. In practice, the gardening tools are used to oxygenate the soil, working the surface to make fertile ground.

The process of these constructions begins by assessing found images that resonate with me personally, and I then rip the images into pieces and reassemble them into collages. Once I have a completed the collage, I create a painting of the new image, exploring the process of space, color schemes and the edges between the ripped edges.

Many of my paintings navigate the meaning behind beauty’s seduction. The meaning under the imology speaks to our bodies, in unfamiliar spaces, pushing expectations of what is seen and what is felt. Through the process of painting, I look to visualize persisting questions, which lead me to explore new ways of creating visual imagery with contemporary iconography.

Curriculum Vitae
Click here to download my CV in PDF format.

Ariel Freiberg

I am available to work on commissions of any size and am happy to discuss any ideas or inspirations for a piece. I get a great amount of joy working on a project collaboratively with its future owner.
Please contact me for samples of past commissions. Pricing starts at $2500.